The History of Life on Earth Earth

Welcome to the History of Life on Earth, the Macquarie University Eureka Schools Prize for Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences entry of Dannel Yeo and Thomas Drage.

"Life is tenacious, and it completely permeates the surface layer of the planet. We find life beneath the deepest ocean, on the highest mountain, in the driest desert and the coldest glacier, and deep down in the crustal rocks and sediments."

"There have been key discoveries that suggest life is simple, straightforward and easy if you have the right conditions. There is a remarkable change among scientists from just 20 years ago."
-- Bruce M. Jakosky, University of Colorado, American Astronomical Society, 10/14/98

Earth at angle.

Geological time spiral.Velociraptor
A geological timeline of earth.The velociraptor, a dinosaur, one of the many wonder of life on Earth.

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